Introducing Zmodo
Smart Sprinkler Controller
with Beam

Controls and programs your watering schedules anywhere anytime.

SKU: SD-H2405

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Set Schedules

Zmodo Smart Sprinkler Controller offers a perfect solution to control your sprinklers. It allows you to water up to three different areas or zones from one faucet, all with independent watering schedules.

Control with
Your Smartphone

You can easily control your Smart Sprinkler Controller with your smartphone, from home or while you’re away on vacation.

Water Manually
or Automatically

You can manually water your lawn or garden with simple push-button controls or set automated watering schedules from the app to let the Smart Sprinkler Controller do all the jobs for you.

Easily Customize
Your Schedules

Smart Sprinkler Controller lets you control the dates, times, frequency, and duration of sprinkling, providing the right amount of water at the right time to your lawn or garden. It provides an easy solution to keep your lawn healthy while conserving water.


Smart Sprinkler Controller requires a password-protected 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection with WPA/WPA2 encryption. It can be set up and controlled through the Zmodo smartphone app (available for iOS 7.0 and up and Android 4.0 and up).

Security is Our

Zmodo apps and devices connect to the U.S.-based Zmodo servers using bank-level AES 256-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS). All video and pictures are secured with AES 256-bit symmetric-key encryption, so nobody but you is able to access your footage.

Zmodo Smart Sprinkler Controller


1 In and 3 Out for 3 Zones

Water Pressure

0.05Mpa - 1Mpa (7.25PSI-145PSI)

Water Type

Clear Water

Water Inlet

3/4" inch

Water Outlet

3/4" inch (Standard Garden Hose)

Run Time Range

Run Timer From 1 To 240 Minutes


Not Supported

Wireless Radio

915MHz Transmitting Moulde


Zmodo/Meshare, iOS 7.0 up/Android 4.0 up

Work Mode

Controlled by Beam or Other Zmodo Smart Home Hubs Supporting 915 MHz Transmission


210m(915 MHz &Open Distance )


Gray and Blue/Plastic


0 - 40 °C, Designed for Home Use

Power Supply

3.7V Li-ion Battery


IP65 (Battery Compartments and PCBA )




5" × 2.66" × 2.66"