Smart Homes:
What is the #1 thing you wish they had?
We asked 9 of the top tech bloggers & YouTubers for their opinions.
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DadDoes (Dan Nessel): Hey there it's Dan from DadDoes, to the question of what's the one feature I would really want in a smart home. OK, here it is. I would want a smart home which could tell me about small problems before they become big problems. What I'm looking for is a home that can tell me about problems before they get to be really big.

ManTripping (James Hills): Hey this is James from ManTripping and I'm here to talk a little about why I love about smart home technology. I am simply put a smart home geek. I love to travel and having smart home technology really makes my home more secure and makes me more comfortable cause I can make sure what's going on at a given time. Right now I've got a smart door bell, I've got smart locks, I've got cameras throughout the house.

Peanut Butter and Whine (Connie Gruning): I'm from If I had a smart house. I wish it would... do my homework!

David Di Franco: What I really want is a unified experience where I can manage all my smart home gadgets and appliances in one place.

Kevin the Tech Ninja (Kevin Nether): I want my Smart Home to run off of one application. Right now, I'm going between 4 or 5 different applications. Give me one app to rule them all!

Matthew Moniz: I'm excited for the day that my home is truly optimized with the latest Smart Home technology. However, in order for that to happen there needs to be a common standard. I need one hub for lights, another hub for cameras and a different system for my thermostat.The truth is that the market is fractured with only some of my Smart Home products working with some systems and not with all them. I'm excited for the day when my Smart Home works as one cohesive unit.

Mama Smith's (Tessa Smith): I have somewhat of a Smart Home right now. We have two smart thermostats, a smart doorbell, and a couple of smart smoke detectors in our home. Not to mention the smart light bulbs that we can change the color of with the touch of a button on our smart phone. We are a technology savvy family and so we love having all of theses. I wish there was some sort of smart kitchen appliance that would cook for us. You might laugh, but I am not kidding. I am one busy mom and I barely have the time to stick some ingredients in a crock pot a couple times a week. I want a robot cook - how amazing would that be!

Little Tech Girl (Kris McDonald): One thing I wish smart homes had is the ability to remotely load and start the dishwasher!

Craving Tech (Michael Aulia): I wish smart homes technology can identify how and what we are doing, then acts accordingly. For example when we pick up a book, lights turn brighter, music turns to a soft, instrumental genre. Or when we pick up a phone call, mute the music and TV. That'd be really cool.

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