Boost Signal

Beam connects to your existing WiFi network and extends it to reduce dead spots and increase coverage. It boosts wireless signal up to 200m (656ft) and 300Mbps.

More than an Extender

Beam acts as a Zmodo smart home hub, allowing you to connect Zmodo accessories such as door and window sensors and receive alerts on your phone when something is triggered.

Smart Nightlight

Beam's LED night light has three color options and can automatically turn on when someone passes by at night or be adjusted by time.

Set up other Zmodo Devices with Ease

Use Beam to easily set up other Zmodo smart devices. With Beam, setup is as simple as telling the Zmodo app how many devices are powered on and ready to pair.

Plug and Play.


Beam plugs into a 3 prong wall socket (90-240VAC) and can be set up easily through the Zmodo app. No complicated router settings required.