Zmodo Launches Snap Pro to Solve Top 5 "Blind Spots" of Security Cameras

Jul 25, 2018 4:41:53 AM

Zmodo Launches Snap Pro to Solve Top 5 "Blind Spots" of Smart Home Security Cameras

Modular wireless indoor/outdoor camera addresses nuances of day-to-day use, like limited viewing angle and subscription challenges


CHAMPAIGN, IL - July 25, 2018 - With many features and options to consider, smart home shoppers often overlook certain aspects of a product that prove to be frustrating, inefficient and ultimately, more expensive. Today, Zmodo, known for its blend of affordable and quality devices used by millions around the world, announces the debut of its newest smart home security camera, the Snap Pro, now available for preorder.


The Snap Pro has all the aesthetics and must-have features consumers look for in a smart home security camera:

1.Portability, for various indo or /outdoor needs that change based on security circumstances.

2.It's small, about the size of a deck of cards, meaning it's less invasive than other cameras that cannot fit into small inconspicuous places.

3.Connectively, not only does the Snap Pro operate wirelessly to eliminate unappealing and difficult cords, but the camera reports to both a mobile app and a web app, quickly alerting the user regardless of location. Additionally, Zmodo's ecosystem of devices integrate smoothly, ensuring the entire smart home works together in one easy-to-use app.


But, what truly sets the Snap Pro apart is the attention to detail found in features like the subscription service and battery maintenance, both of which make the experience of using this smart home security camera easy and practical. Zmodo's Snap Pro addresses common challenges that lead to a frustrating experience many consumers face after regular use. Specifically, it solves five "blind spots" in the home security camera shopping and user experience:

1.Snap Pro boasts the only 180-degree viewing angle among wireless and battery-powered smart home cameras, compared to the standard 140-degree view offered by most competitors. This maximizes visibility while ensuring nothing can hide in the far corners of a room.

2.Only the Snap Pro offers uninterrupted live video viewing which allows users to watch whenever they want, from wherever they want, for as long as they need to. The Snap Pro also records during live viewing, should a user need the footage at a later date.

3.Snap Pro has a very fast "wake up" time from its energy-saving mode, which triggers the camera to begin recording when motion is detected by its PIR sensor. In less than 5 seconds, the camera will begin recording, guaranteeing no important visual detail is lost during a possible home intrusion.

4.In order to keep the cost of maintaining the camera in line with its affordable base price, the Snap Pro touts a rechargeable battery. This means users avoid expensive battery replacement costs after a few months.

5.Understanding the subscription services of smart home offerings can be confusing to consumers. Customers receive seven days of clip storage completely free of charge across an unlimited number of connected Snap Pro cameras.


"Whether it's keeping an eye on pets in the living room, tracking packages at the front door, or observing pool activity in the backyard, our users don't have to choose just one location for installation; they can move the Snap Pro to meet their home monitoring needs at any time," said Andrew Xie, Director of Technology. "We're excited to offer a smart home camera with more capabilities and features that simplify the user experience without comprising affordability."


Zmodo's Snap Pro is now available for preorder in both 2-pack and 1-pack options on Kickstarter. Cameras will ship in October 2018 and will be sold across the U.S. with packages starting at $169.99.


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